Monday, December 10, 2007

Sentence #4

Oh God, please help me control my aversion to uninvited physical contact is the prayer I said as I waited in line to board Iran Air, walked through the airlock, and on to a plane full of Semitic faces: a plane full of men who could have been asked off of a flight in America just for having one eyebrow.


Marie said...

Funny, I never thought of Iranians as Semitic or Semitic looking... of course, there are many different types of people that have contributed to the Persian nation. You have Asian, Caucasian, Semitic, Mediterranean... all the different tribes, so many different looks!

Anonymous said...

re: "just for having one eyebrow."
When I read this phrase, I think "have they shaved off one of their eyebrows, so that they have only one? Why would that get them removed from aircraft? Then, I finally think about "connected eyebrows" which may be seen as "one eyebrow," and how my Iranian gf used to pluck hair so she had two. But, the reasoning! Are all individuals with "one eyebrow" potential terrorists who can be discriminated against with impunity? Do all terrorists have "one eyebrow?" What sense can we make of this? Is what we see here a move toward the creation of a stereotype?