Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas


John Cieslak said...

Haha! Nice... here's another:

Sorry to all those in Iran... I understand that this link is probably blocked but one day you will have free speech and I will re-post the link again. Merry Christmas everyone! And also, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and whatever else you celebrate out there!

Yahya said...

I asked a friend of mine to check this and you were wrong; it isn't blocked. He confirmed though, that some American based services have pulled back new registrations from Iranian based users. This is due to pressure from the American side in line with isolating Iranians. It is exactly the opposite from what you are saying. Thanks anyway.

John Cieslak said...


Thats great then! I am glad that You Tube is still up and allowed to be visited. I just assumed with all the restrictions and censoring that happens in Islamic states that things like that would be disallowed. My friend is Lebanese and currently working in Abu Dhabi and a lot of things I try and send her are blocked by the government there. That, and what I read on this blog lead me to believe that things such as You Tube would be blocked in Iran. Although, I do have to disagree with you on what you say about American based services pulling back new least for web-based services. The issue has to do with free speech and censorship. American seach engines such as Google (who owns You Tube), and Yahoo, have gotten a lot of pressure from the American public not to do business with governments that censor...such as China and Iran. So in that case, yes, these things have been pulled back. It would be hipocritical for an American company to offer a web search engine, but then have to limit what its clients can search for, or the web hits that are listed. I know for sure that this was a big problem in China and it is probably the same way in Iran. The American people were pissed off that these multimillion dollar corporations, who dont need the money, were working with these oppressive governments to limit knowledge and access to their people, and so many companys then just refused to work with them...limiting access. America has no interest in isolating the Iranian fact it is the exact opposite, we would love to empower the Iranian people to rise up against their oppressive and hypocritical government. Dress code violations.... hair salon raids and shut downs of news papers... who wants to live with that??

Anyways, I like your name a lot. It is very beautiful. I wasn't trying to start a big thing by posting the link... I just wanted to provide another funny christmas parody song. Sorry if I offended you or wasn't my intention at all. I am very interested in Iran and Iranian-American relations, and believe me I know that our government here is a bunch of liars just as bad as the next government...and I don't support their causes and motives. I am for minimal government in all countries around the world and freedom and equality for all people. I have been reading a lot about the Iranian revolution and can't believe the atrocities that the people there had to undergo and how misleading and backwards the revolutionaries ended up making things.

Thanks for your reply. I hope we can have more conversations in the future. I am eager to be educated.


Marie said...

Um, Tori, Christmas is over now.

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AJE said...

Having this on the View from Iran allows me to watch this over and over again and to share it with more friends, even well past Chanukkah and Christmas and well on our way to Purim and Mardis Gras.