Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sisters, Modesty is Like Angel Making You

Okay, I made that up. But it is not too far from the type of English you might really read on a billboard in Iran.

Which brings me to announcements of a planned increased religious police presence on the streets of Iran: the authorities have announced that they are going start arresting annoying people and enforcing hijab.

What does that mean? What is proper hijab/hejab? Who are public nuisances? Listen, people may argue that enforcing hejab is Iran’s version of keeping topless men out of restaurants… But my question is this: if it is the same then do thousands of clothing police roam the streets of Santa Cruz intimidating topless men trying to get into restaurants? It seems to me that if the police have to regulate personal behavior then the rules are in need of a bit of a review.


Mimi said...

Excuse me but I understood nothing to this post. Could you please tell me what is your point and explain to a stupid Frenchman what is hijab . Thank you so much

Winston Effingham Smith said...

Well, I saw the kidnap and boy it is so, so, so real, a bunch of kids shooting a film on their phone, posting it on the tube, and the narrative is supplied by the rest of the lickspittles always ready to knock Iran.

Why don't you find the footage of the Iranian student getting Tazzed the heck out of, time and again in the US university for simply failing to show his library card to the librarian?

hijab means the covering of the body, ie the scarf that is loosely thrown on by most females in Iran, and worn in a sort of fashion accessory. However, in this post, evidently this piece of cloth is elevated to the full burkkah status, with the addition of thousands of enforcers roaming around to enforce the correct application of such garment, thrown in for making a point.

Winston Effingham Smith

The Insider said...

I like your blog and your points of view.
On Hijab I will make an investigation myself. On issues concerning Natanz complex and the 15 British solders and a lot more visit me to find out what is going on inside Tehran and Natanz.

ET said...

Mimi: Hijab or hejab refers to the outfits many obeservant Muslim women wear. It is a vague term that generally refers to the headcovering and accompanying body covering clothing.

Winston E S: are you trying to disgues yourself as Winston from The Spirit of Man (http://thespiritofman.blogspot.com/)
Just because something happens in the US, does not give an excuse for kidnappings and arrests here.

VinceP1974 said...

Iran is trying to increase the adherance to Islamic law to curry favor with Satan,. I mean Allah, in the war they been preparing for since 1979

VinceP1974 said...


Leftists in the West believe everything that happens is because of something the US or Europe has done. They have no respect for the intellegence and motivation of other people in the world.

danielspengies said...

VinceP, you have no respect nor understanding of history or human behavior. If you try to claim that the west is innocent and NOT responsible for pushing Iran into the behavior it often displays, then you aren't even worth talking to due to lack of proper education.

VinceP1974 said...

Yawn.. please educate us about operation mr. clean again, oh arrogant one.

Winston Effingham Smith said...


Assumptions, assumptions, a trend evidently.

Few ne'er-do-wells horsing around and shooting a not so authentic 'clandestine' clip on their phones, uploading it on to the tube, and waiting for it to get passed as the arrest of the 'innocent' going about their business. Evidently, enough reasons for you to get started on bashing Iran, and complaining; never mind what happened in US, UK, elsewhere, why is it happening here?

You evidently are blissfully unaware of the all out assault on the rights of the citizens in US, UK, and elsewhere around the globe, and steady erosion of their liberties, that has been foisted upon these peoples in an aid; to 'protect' them from the 'dangers' that 'terrorists' pose.

Geed on by the postings of those deluded hoards of barbarians blindly following the instructions of the 'Internet megaphone' this strange out of touch with reality experiment goes on.

Apparently, you are all too ready to accept the events on their face value, whenever Iran is concerned, why do you think is this the case?

Winston Effingham Smith

danielspengies said...

Vincep, your "humor" is as weak as your political logic. I suggest going back through every single grade of school again, just like Adam Sandler did in "Bill Madison." Add onto that four years of a good college, and you MIGHT finally be on a level to talk about Iran.

Although I'm sure ET gets a large chuckle out of viewing your insane and badly informed comments.

Keep cracking at those popular anti-Islam books written by neocons. They certainly are doing you good in this department. Have any of them actually mentioned "operation ajax" yet, or do you need yet another link to school you on the subject?

Mimi said...

thank you to all who took the time to explain to me what the hijab is. i had no idea.

saggezard said...

Hijab (or dress code according to Islam) is a tool used very widely to impose control over the masses. In China, Mao used the excuse of social equality to dress everyone in uniforms when it was just a reminder to each Chinese that one of the first acts performed after waking up is the act of conforming to the state. This method of control is seen across cultures and institutions.

christopher said...

hey et,

i only recently found your blog, and have enjoyed it and learned from it a lot. especially noodling through older archives.

i would like to learn more about life in iran, and of the observations and opinions of people there. comments from iranians are especially interesting to me.

unfortunately, your blog is really cluttered up with a bunch of other americans shouting at each other and going off on their own ideological tangents that really don't have much to do with iran.

and i wonder, does anyone learn much of anything about tehran and iran from this stuff?

one can wax about the free speech beauty of the blogosphere, but perhaps your blog is getting thrown off of track some if there is no traffic control to keep it from turning into just another one of the tens of thousands of american flame boards.

i get the impression that you run with a thoughtful crowd of people. can you bring those folks back into the conversation?

m. p. said...


I second Christopher's comments regarding inviting the "thoughtful crowd" back into the conversation.

You have an excellent and informative blog. It's unfortunate that so many of the regular commenters hijack it as a soapbox from which to make their own pronouncements -- often intolerant, ill-informed and immature, at that.

Winston Effingham Smith said...

Psychosis, and lunacy sum up the unconscious drivelling of the resident Semitic Supremacists, whom in their tradition of colonising anywhere they find, have settled in this corner of the cyberspace, too.

As, ever the incoherent brain farts of this bunch of rejects, making no sense, or reason, full of invectives, and insults, aimed at those whom do not subscribe to their mad as a hatter world view.

The harangues of anti Semites, not making a difference, and invectives, insults getting no where, fall back comes in supplications of; let us censor the heck out of the newly settled settlement, and keep on pouring bile on Iran without any hindrance of any of the responses, after all these settlers are used to their own nice comfy echo chambers to pour their venom without so much as any checks, or responses to the contrary.

Thoughtful responses, my foot!

danielspengies said...

I agree actually. I personally would like to see VinceP deleted from the comments sections, since he has yet to hit the nail anywhere near it's head on anything he talks about. I have a good understanding of the history of the Us and Iranian relations over the past sixty years, and I also have a good understanding on the research of human behavior, since I spent eight years of both undergraduate and graduate education learning said research. It is pretty clear that the west is the instigator and the bully in this situation, as it has set up Iran time and time again to be painted in the light of "evil." ET's blog is incredibly important, since it shows the world the TRUE face of Iran. It would be a shame to see her cut off the comments altogether, but some of the I HATE IRAN people do indeed need to go. Although I'm sure a lot of people would like to see me go as well. I never did get along with the uneducated very well.