Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Apparently, an American has gone missing from Kish. I know nothing more than you do about it. It’s a mystery to me.

New York Newsday has a story on him that may tell you more

Apparently he was working for an independent filmmaker. Who knows? This must be disturbing for his family.

The Iranian government denies that anyone has gone missing from Kish.

We are all happy that the Brits are being released. It's a relief.


Anonymous said...

Today,I heard from Fox News that it is not clear if he went missing in iran; the Fox News correspondent said "he was in Dubai and might have disappeared there."

Anonymous said...

He was FBI

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong link.
Here's the right one.

danielspengies said...

Hmm, this will just fuel American's fears of traveling to Iran. I still want to go though, seriously. I would love to travel there and experience the culture for myself.

ET said...

Iran is a fantastic place for an American to visit. The people are genuinely friendly to Americans.

This incident is so odd... First of all it is really odd for an American to be in Iran alone. That is strange enough... All of the details of the case are strange.

Anonymous said...

It's nearly impossible for an American to visit Iran. Unless the policy has changed within the last few months (and I don't think it has considering things are getting more tense), an American must hire a government appointed guide for the entire trip.

With that being said, I'm actually applying for a student visa. I'm attempting to get into a 3 month Persian/Farsi course at Shomal University in Amol. However, if they tell me I have to have a guide I won't be able to afford it.

et, can any Americans travel in Iran alone? Besides people with dual citizenship.

If you know about any language schools please let me know. I can be reached at cvdover0126 at hotmail

Thanks for the great blog!

Brian said...

ET, I think this blog is truly good. It does give a platform for all of us, regardless of race or creed, to approach each other.
It is a relief that the 15 Brits have been released but I cannot help wondering if we ordinary folk will ever know what really happened.

Kizzie said...

Hello Anonymous,
I actually know a guy who is going to Iran tomorrow. He is touring the world!

I'm surprised the brits are relessed

ET said...

Anon, If Iran grants you a student visa, they will allow you to travel the country without a guide. I believe that a student visa entails temporary residency.

The problem you will face traveling is that the hotels charge exhorbitant (imho) prices to foreigners. Best to stay in non-governmental hotels where they will let you haggle a bit.