Wednesday, February 21, 2007

See Iranians at play....

Guess what. There is a great opportunity for journalists, photographers, and Iranians to present a different picture of Iran than the flag burning and fist raising that is so emblematic of Iran. The Iranian New Year holidays are fast approaching. They start on the last Tuesday evening prior to March 20 and go until April 1.

What is great about these holidays is that there is no religious or political obligation to celebrate them. The celebration in Iran is the celebration of a culture—of a whole people. The New Year is when you see the people of Iran at their best and at their least politicized. It is also a holiday that belongs to everyone. It is not religious.

Thirteen days after the New Year, usually on April 1, the entire nation of Iran goes out on a picnic. This is a public gathering that is not coerced or orchestrated. It is a great opportunity to see huge numbers of Iranians publicly enjoying themselves.

If the media is not interested in presenting this image of Iran, there is no reason why those of us in Iran cannot. I would like to see as many people as possible go out during the Norooz holidays and take pictures. Upload your pictures and tag them "Norooz 2007". That's an order…;-)


Mohsen said...

Fantastic suggestions! I hope this message gets momentum. I have already started taking photos!

aje said...

I am looking forward to seeing the photos that you and moshen post.

ali said...

hi ET
why nOROZ 2007? I think it is better to be NOROZ 86. Grat Idea. I am on it and already i go many photos for noroz.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! aren't you going to make some persian posts?

Ehsan said...

Great idea.

ET said...

I chose "Norooz 2007" to make it more sensible to non-Iranians. Iranians know all about the norooz holidays. I am proposing this project so that non-Iranians can see a different image of Iran.

I will post a persian plea as well. (I'll make Keivan write it... )

Once you post pictures, send me the link so that I can post those links here!

Violeta del mar said...

Wonderful idea! As an American who wishes she was in Iran, I'm very eager to see peoples' pictures from Norouz. And I think Americans need to see this side of Iran--the side they never catch a glimpse of these days with all the propaganda in the media.

I look forward to the list of links when the time comes, and would glad to post about it on my own blog.