Sunday, February 25, 2007

Norooz 2007

Continually updated post... Watch this space for more and more and more...

Pictures and posts:

From Kamangir: Let the Propoganda Begin

From Papillon: Noroze.

Fram Payvand: Iranians Celebrate Chahar-Shanbeh Soori, Festival of Fire

Norooz: An Eternal Iranian Tradition

From me: The Last Tuesday...

Norooz for Sale

From Flickr: Photos tagged with norooz

From Elizabeth: Haft Cinn

From Pars-Arts: Happy Norooz!

From Levantine Cultural Center: Happy Norouz

Goldfish have officially gone on sale in Iran. Goldfish are one of the items that most Norooz displays have.

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papillon said...

Hi. It is some time I'm reading your blog. I do like it. For it is quite an interesting account of your visit to Iran. And this post was a dim motive to write a little account of my own on noroze.


papillon said...

I stumbled upon this post. I like its descriptions, like that "Samanu..represents the ultimate sophistication of Persian cooking."