Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Iran makes me sick

(By that title I DO NOT mean that I am disgusted by Iran. I am not.)

I cannot keep my promises.
I do not trust others.
I do not speak my mind.
I whisper in the shower.
I do not believe that I can accomplish anything I set out to do.
I do not believe that hard work gets you anywhere.
I feel watched.
I am paranoid.
I pass on rumors.
I have lost my confidence.
I have gone native. This is what it feels like to be Iranian.

Actually, I should not say that I have gone native. If I had truly gone native, I would never admit to all of the above problems: at least not to any outsiders.


N. said...


This is a very sad post and I hope it's just a momentary feeling. Maybe you need a vacation form Iran?

Keep well.

آرمان said...

Well said; I am afraid it is so, or it seems like that. Yet I believe any body can be herslef, can achieve her goals, and be positive despite all the facts and all the limitations. It is harder some times.

Siroos said...

Watched and paranoid? I don't know, maybe a woman thing. I'd say the rest are present above the global average among Iranians (or should I say urban Iranians). Pitty you've got them all at the same time :)

bil said...

I agree with n. You sound burnt out, time to go some place else and get your head on straight. Rebil

bil said...

I agree with n., you need to get away and get your head on straight. Things may not look as bad from a distance. Think about it.

ET said...

Burnt out is right.

That said, I think that Iranians are also burnt out. Everyone in this country could use a vacation.

I am willing to bet money that there is a higher than average rate of depression, high blood pressure, and passive agressive behavior in Iran. Anyone willing to bet otherwise?

Hossein said...

welcome to the club:)