Friday, July 29, 2005

Cures for malaise

Thanks for all your comments…

Here are some cures I have discovered. With a tiny bit of effort, all are available in Iran:

Go out to dinner at a crowded traditional restaurant that employs musicians.
Watch Singing in the Rain.
Tell strangers that you are American.
Go to the store and listen to the owner recite poetry.
Put some fresh mint into cold water and drink.
Sit outside in your swimsuit.
Eat sour cherries.


Assigned Reader said...

Do Iranians talk about Ganji and his fate?

ET said...

yes. Rafsanjani and Khatami (among others) have called for his release. Someone recently released a picture of him taken while he was in prison. People would like to see him released. Many feel that he will be released just in time to die a "free" man.

That said, many people I have spoken to believe that he has made his own bed, so to speak.

Iranians choose their battles carefully.

Nosey said...

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