Friday, July 04, 2008

Could it be? Blogging punishable by death?

When was the last time any of us had any mental security? Was it when our mother breast fed us and provided for our every need? Well, in an effort to become the ultimate nanny state, some parliamentarians and judges in Iran are considering making 'disturbing mental security' a capital offense. Well, I, for one, am disturbed already.

Read Hamid Tehrani's round-up on Global Voices

“Don’t be upset, we'll execute you legally”

Nikahang, a leading Iranian online cartoonist and blogger, says [Fa]:

if this draft bill becomes law, everything will be based on interpretation and a simple blogger will be considered a center to destroy people’s religion! What can I say? Only people who disturb people’s mental security could support such a thing.

Mirza Kasra Bakhtyari writes [Fa] that Ali Larijani, the Iranian Parliament's President, supported discussing this draft bill and added that they have talked for hours with the Judiciary about it.

Ghomarashegahneh says [Fa]:

Mentioning ‘blogging' among crimes such as kidnapping, raping, armed robbery makes accusing bloggers easier than before… Such a law will harm the mental security of society more than the poor bloggers, who do not know what awaits them.

The blogger adds that the real causes of mental security problems are the economic crisis and repressive government policies.

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