Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a stumbled upon fool

And an apology to all those folks who got emails from me...

Okay, I am a complete idiot. I hope some of the designers of Stumble Upon read this so that I can tell them how pissed off I am. I read something like: "add your contacts and see who else is on stumble upon." SU showed me a page of people I knew. I clicked on "add" or something like that and it added every single contact in my address book.

Years and years of effort to avoid sending spam, automated emails, and other annoying bullshit down the drain. I've avoided opening viruses, avoided sending on chain letters, avoided joining endless annoying viral networks only to have all my credibility ruined by a misleading interface. Am I alone?

Where can I complain about the horrific information design?


Anonymous said...

I made this exact same error yesterday - which is why you got that email from me... sorry!! I've started a chain of StumbleSpam!

Ali Sanaei said...

Salam Kamran,
Take it easy, it has happened to almost all on the Internet.
At least it made me remember you and look for you on Facebook n add you there.
The funny thing is that I saw Tori's name on Arash Abadpour's blog linking to your blog here!
Hope you're doing well. It seems lots of things have changed over there for you.

Marie said...

Oh, I haven't opened that one yet. I was going to wait until later. Should I not?