Monday, February 27, 2006

Request to news organizations covering the Iran nuclear issue!!!

“Why do Iranians mistrust everything the government tells them, but trust their spin when it comes to the nuclear issue?” We were wondering last night. If you have followed the nuclear issue at all, then you know that it is reported that Iranians support their government in this issue. Yet, when you hear Iranians on the street respond to reporters (and to me and to K…) they always say “We support nuclear ENERGY.” You would be hard-pressed to find an Iranian who would say “We need nukes. We are willing to be isolated for nukes.”

The standard line in Iran is that the West wants to prevent it from having nuclear knowledge and nuclear POWER. Not arms…

Iranians watch CNN, BBC World, VOA, Euronews… I do too. I have yet to hear a reporter say that the West does not want to limit Iran’s access to nuclear energy, just to nuclear arms. It may seem obvious to you, but it is not obvious here. It’s such a simple thing to do. Please let Iranians know the difference between the West’s position and their own government’s spin.


rocketsbrain said...

Great idea. I've posted this on my blog and will try to get Dr. Zin at Regime Change Iran to do as well.

I would have posted a trackback but I don't use Blogger.

Rocket's Brain Trust

Gene said...

I've linked to your post at Harry's Place.

Anonymous said...

The West doesn't care about Iran's nuclear ambitions. It just wants your oil, and with the assistance of British bloggers will turn your country into a killing field, just like Iraq. Hope you don't mind.

BTW there's lots of money available from the U.S. State Dept for "bomb Iran" propoganda. Have you thought of applying yet?

Anonymous said...

As a news editor, I can only say that we've been making this point over and over again: the Russians, the Americans, the Europeans, the IAEA, everyone says Iran has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful means.

I'm sorry if you've missed that.

Kamran and Tori said...

Thanks rocketsbrain and gene. News Editor, I know that you guys make the point. Otherwise how would *I* know that there was a difference in the views? My point is that it is often made subtly or in writing. It is not clear to Iranians. This is clear in my own conversations with Iranians. I am talking about nukes and they are talking about power. Netiher of us notice for awhile.

All I am asking is make it clear. When a reporter asks an Iranian what s/he thinks of nuclear ___ and the IRanian answers "We support the right to develop nuclear energy." Respond with: "That's not the problem. The problem is weaponry." or something like that.

BTW, Anonymous, if the West were only interested in oil it would be better to simply strike a deal with the regime and ignore politics altogether. Sanctions against Iran mean that Iran does not have access to a lot of technology that would make oil extraction more efficient. As a result, some of its fields are severely damaged. I know that oil causes problems for this area, but I also believe that there is a real fear of the weaponization of IRan's nuke program.

BTW, I am against military intervention in Iran. (Just in case that last line was not meant as a complete joke...)

Anonymous said...

Am I missing the point here?

Here is the line the Western Media follows.

There are hardly ever reports on the right of Iran to develop its nuclear technology under the NPT.

Most talk is about a Nuclear (Weapons) Program and that Iran is accsued of developing a military program. No proof is being given.

The Iranian president is the mad guy who wants to wipe Israel off the map and the Mullahs can't be trusted.

The history of Iran's program, i.e. the USA and the Shah started it, etc. is not widely reported.

The list goes on ... so in this sense, I guess the request for a better coverage of the issue is a valid one. But not in the spirit you suggested.

S S M said...

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Gene said...

Am I missing the point here?

The point, as I understand it, is that the Iranian regime is loudly proclaiming that the West wants to deny Iran all uses of nuclear energy-- which is not the case.

When Iranians then go to the Western media, they rarely find a specific refutation of this claim-- helping to reinforce the regime's position.

So et is asking for Western media to emphasize that Western governments have no objection to Iran's peaceful use of nuclear power. It makes sense to me.

Carlos said...

Iranians may disagree on most things with their government, but they will suport the nuclear issue, wether it's weapons or just energy, because they feel that is their right to own such knowledge as a nation, leavins aside any political issues.

Winston said...

great point!

US, EU and UN never said Iranians dont have the right to CIVILIAN nuclear energy. All they say is that Iranian regime is not allowed to have Nuclear facilities to make weapons of mass destruction.

You got a great point, dude!

Stay safe...