Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sex Appeal

A friend of mine is convinced that Westerners are erotically obsessed with the hijab. “They love the photograph of the chadori with the rifle and the basij headband,” she raves. “It turns them on. I swear.”

Maybe. After all the “adult” shelves are filled with nun fantasies… It’s the same outfit more or less.

We had dinner with a couple vacationing in Iran. “This is how much the whole hijab thing affected me,” the man told us. “After just one week here I felt like a twinge of excitement watching a strange woman take her headscarf off when we would come inside a house. I felt like such a voyeur. I was constantly trying to imagine what the women were wearing under their hijab. Tell me what was it?!”

“A spaghetti strap, skin-tight top and stretch pants,” I answered.


hanieh said...

It goes to show just how much the practice of hejab defeats the very purpose of it. Also, I don't think what you wrote is just a characteristic of western men, I think all men living in such a society feel the same way, the natives just conceal it better. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

They're also obsessed with the word "Infidel" or kafar.