Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Calling all bloggers writing about Iran: Tagging


I am going to start tagging posts. I hope that others will make suggestions for tags so that we can have some coherent way of identifying our posts. Please add suggestions to this post. I will keep updating it.

I suggest the following schema to begin with:

Here is the code. Replace the ?? with < and the !! with >

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran tagging??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran celebrations??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran health??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran elections??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran politics??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran taxis??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran daily life??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran work??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran what others think??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!! Iran culture??/a!!

Updates and Suggestions
From opip ( editing):





??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: U.S.??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: WMD??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: religion??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: politics??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: Ganji??/a!!

??a href="" rel="tag"!!Iran: opposition??/a!!


opip said...

OK, you asked for it, so here my stubs:

Viewing the current buzz, I think there should be something like 'Foreign Policy' or even 'U.S.' or 'Nukes' as well. (If only to exclude it, once technorati offers the possibility. For the same reason: Religion)

In general, subcategories could be added for each tag, e.g. Iran-Politics-Opposition-Ganji

Wordpress users face the difficulty that the categories by which they organize their site also serve as technorati tags, so subtags could mess up their side bar a bit.

I must admit I have some double feeling about using tags though. They are a great help in searching but they also reproduce some cliché's about what belongs together and what not - what is relevant in a certain context and what isn't.

ET said...

I agree with your point about tagging. I suggest being a bit more organized about it because the tage "iran" is absolutely ridiculous. It's too broad. Perhaps tagging does tend to oversimplify things, but if we can have a standard, it could be useful. I am going to keep this post updated: so I will add your suggestions now.