Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All news, all the time

Ganji will probably die soon.

The explosion at BA was caused by a bottle of benzene in a garbage can. "It was not a bomb," the police reported. News accounts showed some broken windows, but that looked like it.
Katzav has made a plea for peace between Iran and Israel. The plea made it into the Iranian press.

Lawyers are being arrested, and a judge has been assassinated. (The lawyers work for the family of the Canadian photo-journalist who was killed in custody and for A. Ganji. The assassinated judge was responsible for imprisoning Ganji and other reformers.)

Ahwazis are being taken in by pyramid schemes and they do not appreciate it. The news reports these as anti-government protests, but K's family says that the protests are in response to something more mundane. Apparently, many Ahwazis have been taken in by promises to receive a car or a stove or other appliance after depositing 200,000 tuman (about $250) for a few months. Some have received their promised gifts. It's a typical pyramid scheme.

It feels like something is happening, but it's unclear what that something is.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I have no idea who Ganji is. I haven't been following the news as well as I should be.

verrrryy interesting comments on the speech.


Daryl Carr said...

I found myself completely enthralled by this essay. In your description of the dangers associated with the way some young Iranian girls express themselves through clothing--viewed by some adults as provocative--you say, "That's what I really wanted to write about."

Please do. It sounds like a perspective that isn't getting enough press.