Thursday, April 21, 2005

Polar Express
Our DVD guy was arrested. I've never met him, but we have to find a new source for films.

We can buy cartoons, so I bought Polar Express. Just as I was warned by countless reviewers, it was indeed a horror movie. You've got these kids traveling with some weird guy on a train with a ghost and then you end up in the North Pole, which is actually world-war 2 era Europe. The elves are all dressed alike in red. They are the subjects of a dictator: Santa Claus. It is unclear whether he is a benevolent dictator or one who rules through terror.

His appearance is attended by hundreds of thousands of red-clad elves who are what? Nazis? Facists? Islamists? Government employees? I am not sure. I am reminded of the huge Death to America rallies that take place during revolution-week and the thousands of black-chadored women marching with their fists in the air. It is not all that different looking.

The appearance of Santa Claus causes awe, but it is hard to tell whether this is because the elves like him or because they fear him. Even the party they throw to "celebrate" Christmas eve seems forced. It's as though they have been ordered to have fun. "Have fun or lose your job!" It's a little bit like forcing people to vote. The turnout is high, but the participation is low.

Well, merry Christmas.

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