Friday, February 20, 2004

Election Posters

The Friday of the week of the 25th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, posters of candidates for parliament appeared on the streets. Where we are in Tehran, some place in the north, you would not even suspect that an election is slated for the end of this week. (Today, by the time I am posting this.) I have seen a total of 3 posters around our neighborhood and in adjacent neighborhoods. "People in this part of Tehran don't vote," K explained. "The south of Tehran is different. People vote there."

In K's hometown, however, the streets were plastered with posters: hundreds and hundreds of faces looking out at us asking for votes. We drove through the province of Lorestan and saw even more and grander posters. In one city there were 2-story high painted banners. Next to each banner speakers were set up with election sloganeering blasting out of them.

No one in K's family is voting. "Before it was different," K's older brother explained. "We were hopeful. But they lied to us." I am sure that his family is not alone. Today, Friday February whatever, we saw several empty polling stations. The barricades were set-up for long lines, but no one is standing in them. Police and soldiers looked bored, yet snappy and clean.

What will happen next? I have no idea.

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