Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Cubs
I was talking to my mom who told me that their small town in Illinois has been unusually cold. "Your father says that hell must be freezing over." This, of course, is his way of expressing cautious optimism about the Cubs? World Series chances.

I am pleased to see that Allah is also a Cubs fan.

I have received several emails thanking me for my limited view of Iran. I can leave, they tell me, the big picture stuff to others.

We were walking down the street when K spotted steam coming from a food cart. "Labu," he said excitedly. As we got closer we saw towers of red, steaming beets. Some of the beets were the size of mush balls (any mush ball players out there?) I am not sure how they get to be so big.

The beets are sold by weight. The guy behind the steam cuts them up, gives you a plastic fork, and you eat them on the street.

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